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     Luggage Brands- What’s In a Label?

Leading a well-traveled and adventurous life starts with luggage. Purchasing a new gear could be a money-saver in the future whenever you are about to make a long distant travel. However, toting the proper kind of luggage to meet the luggage rules of current-day will aid you great in avoiding additional rates and allow you to adhere to carry-on restrictions as well as check-in weight limitations. But, sorting out which is the right luggage to buy is not difficult. With a myriad of sizes, price and styles to compare, the process can be quite overwhelming. To guide you make right luggage buying decision, a review about some popular luggage brands discussed here and you can check these descriptions before you shop.


You would probably have found Rockland in your favorite department stores as it really among best luggage brands. Rockland is a subsidiary of Fox luggage that is specialized in making stylish bags withRockland luggage brand function and form. Almost all the makes and models of Rockland luggage are capable of catching the user’s eye with their shiny and hard colored cells. There are many sizes from which you need to choose. The stunning bags of Rockland brand meet the complete airline requirements, and thus, it will be easily suitable for the overhead bin. You will find roomy compartments, plenty of space and luxurious lining for all that you want for your short trip.


Samsonite is the great overall luggage brand for any average shopper having a modest budget. The reputation of this brand leads existing and potential customers to trust in the brand’s dedication Samsonite luggage brandto producing best quality luggage. This is the one brand that dominates the luggage industry due to one simple fact that it makes exceptional luggage for the price. This luggage brand is also a right choice if you think about buying a suitcase with a hard case for some reasons. The Samsonite luggage is made of materials and comes with features that make it the best option for travelers. This is a hard case luggage produced from hundred percentages polycarbonate, which makes it a case that is weatherproof, durable and highly resistant to different impacts.


Delsey brand has been an industry-dominating innovator, featuring advancements in its products like hand extensions, wheels, durable materials and updated designs. Delsey luggage isDelsey luggage brand worth its price due to the superior quality, its functional and sleek design and also for it’s lightweight and completely fab portability. Luggage of this brand is strong, stylish and lightweight. All Delsey luggage come with a 10-year warranty, and they are sold at most of the stores and the company’s website as well. There are vast styles to choose from that can certainly make any trip incredibly perfect.

American Tourister

You will never go wrong if you pick something from American Tourister. Among American tourister luggageother best luggage brands, this one is known for making high-quality luggage for many decades and of course, continues till today. When you need luggage with function and style and also the one that can last longer than the duration of your vacation, then this is the brand of your choice. This brand also offers the latest in durable, lightweight luggage. As it is completely expandable, you can pick up all your keepsakes for the trip, without the need to leave behind something.

Briggs & Riley

Luggage, for certain people, is all about quality and performance. Knowing that,Briggs & Riley Luggage Brand whenever they leave for a trip, the luggage that they carry performs work as required. If you are of same type, luggage from Briggs & Riley brand is worth having a serious consideration. Being a reputed brand, Briggs & Riley is highly focused on making luggage and especially, only luggage, that caters to the requirements of their customers. Consumers will find particular attention to quality and functional detail with the luggage of Briggs and Riley brand. In fact, the brand’s mission is to offer best luggage experience for customers, updating their lines continually as the client wants to evolve.


When you had to leave for a trip with all kinds of dress clothes in the haul, the Wallybags Luggage Brandhardest part was carrying the large garment bag that was typically bigger than you are. You would have even tried to put your important dress clothes in the suitcase and end up getting wrinkled. The WallyBags additional capacity garment bag comes with pockets that offer a great alternative to the large garment bag that you used already. While this one is still bigger, it delivers excellent solutions that get increased over the old models.

US Traveler

The US Traveler luggage set is an ideal luggage collection of everyday travelers.UStraveler They are durable thanks to the seventy percentages polyester make and thirty percentages dobby fabric. The large capacity bodies enable the consumers to organize their things properly in the bag that meets the demands of today’s highly active business as well as adventurers. The US Traveler luggage brand has a clean and tailored appearance due to the dobby construction. It also comes featured with an add-a-bag strap that conveniently facilitates the customer to carry extra bag also. The US Traveler luggage set is the best set of bags known for being lightweight, sturdy and also cheap regarding cost.


Olympia is an American best luggage brand known for its affordable price range.Olympia luggage brand You can trust over the brand’s exacting standards to offer the great possible brands for the price. Being popular for casual luggage, this brand does not take its consumers casually. Olympia Luggage is stylish and strong and will be perfect for the distance. The most popular line of this brand is Tuscany. It is a soft-sided line that is available in many desirable sizes. Bags from this brand combine style with convenience, and it performs. When you are seeking for a versatile soft-sided bag that complies with all your requirements, check no further than Olympia luggage.

Beverly Hills Country Club and Traveler’s Choice

Luggage of Beverly Hills Country Club is perfect for even those who are the clumsiestBeverlyHillsCountryClubLogo travelers. If you are searching for luggage that might work like a fortress against your accidental punishment, you will find luggage from Beverly Hills Country Club to be the most suitable choice. Hard cases certainly have shells that cover the complete exterior of the suitcase and are quite more difficult to damage. On using this luggage, you will figure out that regardless of how hard you hit a part of your luggage over door frames or other unintentionally; hard cases will always perform their best to endure the beatings.

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