Hardside vs. Softside Luggage

If you are in the market to buy a new luggage, you must decide between the two major types you are likely to discover. You should determine whether you would want soft side luggage or the molded hard-side luggage that are quite popular recently. As they both are really great options, you will almost feel overwhelmed before arriving at the buying decision. To stay cool while buying your desired luggage for travel, whether soft or hard case luggage, you must try exploring the perks and drawbacks of both the types. This article will discuss hard side versus soft side luggage that will guide in your purchasing decision.

Soft-sided luggage, though, continues to lead the market, the hard-sided counterpart is quickly gaining popularity due to lightweight and newer materials. The samsonite

Soft-sided luggage

Soft-sided luggage is typically of fabrics that can move and stretchy, normally a woven nylon fabric, like ballistic nylon or Cordura. Ballistic is the smooth and shinier of the two and ReinforcedShellswith the course of time, it can abrade, however, abrasions won’t compromise the fabric’s strength. Cordura is a bit softer as well as abrasion-resistant, suitable for over-the-shoulder bags. When you consider a luggage made of ripstop nylon or of parachute material, ensure that it is a more denier fabric. Fabric denier indicates the measurement if weight and not the quality.

Perks– Normally lighter in weight and flexible, the major benefit of soft-sided luggage is that they can easily fit tight spaces like Samsonite lift spinner.This flexibility allows squeezing in an additional outfit. In addition, a yielding material might be a great difference placing the bag on board and getting it regulated to gate-check. The fabric flexibility also becomes handy while packing a car and storing bag.

 Drawbacks-Not as shielded as hard-sided and prone to ripping if not the best quality.

Hard-sided luggage

Nowadays, hard-sided or hard-shell luggage is produced using high-tech plastics like polycarbonate and ABS, which are both durable and lightweight. ABS is considered as the lightest, however, polycarbonate is quite durable. The heaviest, but also the most durable, is aluminum. Hard-sided luggage also features 50/50 split opening sometimes, enabling you to pack doubleSamsoniteHardcase sides equally and to stabilize the content with a middle divider or an x-strap. As most of the hard-sided luggage close like a clam shell, you would want double the surface space for opening these. Many of the hard-sided luggage are built this manner, but there are few in the market with the top lid opening.It has reviews about brand Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage of hard-case luggage.

Parks– Perfect for protecting breakable content, hard-sided luggage delivers better security because of the integrated locks. They can never rip open with a blade or something else. The majority of the composite plastic hard-sides gets closer using a zipper that can be vulnerable, but aluminum luggage usually comes with a metal draw-bolt latches rather than zippers. In addition, hard-sided luggage gets stacked easily, which makes it unique for cruise ships. If you are about to overpack, a hard-sided one will definitely rein you in. There is no possibility of over-stuffing. For carry-on, it assures that the piece will suit in the luggage sizer of your airline.

Cons– Hard-sided luggage scuffs and easily gets scratches and inflexible as well, hence you cannot squeeze anything additional. You want a fixed storage space. Some, hard-sided luggage has pockets outside as well.

Having discussed the basic details of soft-sided and hard sided luggage along with the pros and cons of both the types, let’s now check the performance of both soft and hard-sided luggage based on different aspects like durability, functionality, lightweight, appearance and price.There are also have first class hard-side luggage sets that just have reviews with elite luggage.


If you purchase an average quality bag, the material required to make both soft side and hard side luggage nowadays is quite difficult. The polycarbonate shells requireddsc08987 for making hard side luggage, while the ballistic nylon weave for soft side luggage has revolutionized the production of luggage in the recent years.

However, you should also look beyond the material of bag and pay closer attention to quality and the craftsmanship. It is of no use if the shell of your luggage can withstand even an elephant weight when the zipper breaks, your telescoping handle malfunction or the stitching of a seam gets ripped. You should take into account that wheels, zippers, and handles are where the majority of luggage troubles occur, thus buying an overall best-quality bag should be your good durability insurance in the long run.


This exactly represents whether the bag performs what you want it to do. Checking whether you need pockets, deciding the size of luggage based on your needs, choosing between two-wheel and four-wheel, thinking whether you would stick a bag over top, determining whether telescoping handle is the proper height for you and every other item that makes a bag suitable for you.

No matter, good or bad, here are few things you should remember while choosing a soft side or hard side luggage.

  • For carry-on luggage, most people prefer opting for soft side luggage since it has exterior pockets (hard-side is only a molded shell). Your carry-on spends more hours being your faithful companion in-flight and terminals and you want quick access to the complete stuff that will make your travel comfortable, like documents, reading the material, mobile devices, water bottle, glasses, tissues, etc.
  • Few hard sides are quite more rounded over the top that feels sleek, but could make it tough to stack small bag over the top.


Maintaining the weight of luggage to a minimum is a great deal, both for your own personal comfort and airline weight fees while traveling. There is a great buzz around lightweight of polycarbonate materials utilized in most of the hard side luggage recently and it is actually true. Hardside luggage is incredibly light as comparable to old and heavy plastic luggage that most of you would get as graduation gifts a few years back. The molded polycarbonates are extremely tough, light and come in cool designs and colors. However, you should not fool yourself into thinking they are lighter than that of soft-sided counterpart available today.


There are several choices available for pattern, texture, and color, beyond the basic and typical black bag. Hardside luggage tends to win this aspect, as polycarbonate can be molded and created with ideal colors and patterns fairly simple.Most of the extremely lightweight, harder nylon weaves being made nowadays for soft side bags don’t adapt themselves to variation in colors.


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