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There are two types of people when it comes to traveling – people who like it, and people who don’t. There are also two types of carry-on luggage – comfortable and uncomfortable. Therefore, imagine the situation if you hate travelling and have to do that with a crappy bag. Not so cool. So stick around as we will enlighten you with some of the go to carry-on luggage out there. It will not only make your travelling less painful, but also add some style to your look.

Size and Type of Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage comes in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, before we even begin, it would be wise to think of the airlines you have been using or will be using in near future. It’s important, because different airlines have different sizing rules when it comes to carry-on bags. You have probably seen multiple times someone not being able to fit their luggage into one of those bag fitters. And then having to check it in and pay a lot of money for that. We want to avoid that at any cost. So, once you have the size covered (or at least partially covered), we have to think about its type.

According to Balticdomini.com, there are really two types of carry-on luggage – on wheels and off. Yeah, you can give them many different names like duffle bags, travel bags, travel luggage and so on. However, at the end of the day it comes down to two things – carry or drive.

Then you need to think about the stuff you are going to bring with you most often. Are you one of those persons who love to bring their entire life to any business or leisure trip? Or are you on the contrary, like it to keep it minimal? Those things are good to think about ahead before purchasing any bag.
It seems simple. Find out the maximum size allowed at the cheapest company, and then whether the bag should be with wheels or not. However, not everyone wants to do that kind of research. People want quick answers, and there is our answer.

best Leather bag

Leather Bags

We think, that by all means, the best carry-on luggage is a literally carry-on leather bag. First of all, it’s a carry-on bag, therefore it will never be really heavy so you would struggle with the weight. You will most likely keep the most personal belongings in there, like your laptop, notebooks, books and work folders. So it will feel so much safer if all those things are close to you at all times.

You will unlikely ever lose it. It is easy to forget your wheeler as you make a stop at a café store. However, you will always feel like walking empty-handed if you don’t have your carry-on leather bag. Therefore, the chances of you leaving it unattended in the airport will be minimized.

The outside of the bag is not hard, but nonetheless sturdy. When the lady asks you to fit a bit oversized leather bag into those bag fitter thingies, you can reshape your bag by pushing on it a bit. Without damaging your bag one bit.
Leather is just so much better in so many ways. First of all, it’s extremely durable and forgiving material. It’s easy to clean and even easier to take care of. Of course, it requires some attention in order to stay superb for decades, but that is also easily achievable. In addition, you can grow old with your leather bag as it only looks better with age. Like wine. Or men.

That brings us to our last point – leather adds style to your look. There is always something about that random man in the airport rocking that amazing leather bag. And you don’t know, is it something about the man, or the bag? Be that man and choose a leather bag.

Go to carry-on luggage

It can be difficult choosing a bag among the million choices out there. Whichever you’ll get will probably get the job done in terms of holding your personal belongings. However, once it comes to style and fashion, nothing beats leather. So if you can shoot two rabbits with one shot, do that with a cool carry-on leather bag.

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